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18 Dec 2012
PR Web - AViiQ Releases The Portable Charging Station Folio
AViiQ offers a new portable charging solution in their all new Portable Charging Station Folio made of genuine italian calf leather.
29 Nov 2012
lifehacker - AViiQ Portable Charging Station Charges Four Gadgets on the Go
If you need to charge your gadgets on the go, this looks to be the best way to keep it from being a hassle.
28 Nov 2012
Run Around Tech - AViiQ Unveils Thin Case with Wood, the iPhone 5’s Natural Protective
A great case should not only protect the smartphone from the occasional bumps and scratches, but must also reflect the users’ personality and taste.
28 Nov 2012
Today iPhone - AViiQ releases “Thin Wood Trim” series cases for iPhone 5
the award-winning mobile electronics accessory and design company specializing in solutions for on-the-go users, announces the availability of the Thin Case with Wood for iPhone 5, an elegant marriage of protection and natural style featuring authentic wood.
05 Nov 2012
Tech We Like - AViiQ Portable Charging Station: A Gadget Lovers Dream
Portable Charging Station that was not only “portable” during travel in the specific sense of business travel, but also as a self-sufficient charging solution that travelers could have with them anywhere and anytime.
12 Oct 2012
Review: XFX 850W ProSeries XXX Semi-Modular Bronze PSU
It can be recommended to users who are planning a high-end build and want a dependable supply to power the system.
03 Oct 2012
Legit Video Card Reviews - XFX Radeon HD 7850 1GB Core Edition Video Card Review
We were able to easily play all the current game titles at 1080p with the image quality settings cranked up!
26 Sep 2012
PR Web - AViiQ Releases the Thinnest and Lightest Apple iPhone 5 Cases on the Market
With three years of developing trend-setting design and innovation to the gadget accessory industry, AViiQ applies its design mastery to the Apple iPhone 5 with the release of the ultra-thin and ultra-light AViiQ Thin Series iPhone 5 Case.
19 Sep 2012
Mac Life - Aviiq Ready Clip Review
One end has a plastic clip, sort of like you’d find on a pen cap, so you can clip them to your bag’s pen holders--or a pocket protector, if you go for the ironic chic look.
11 Aug 2012
Legit Video Card review - XFX Radeon HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 Video Card Review
The HD7800 graphics card series from AMD isn't exactly new, as they've been out for some time now. However, XFX has most recently released their 'Black Edition' cards, which feature out of the box overclocked speeds as well as beefier cooling solutions.
10 Aug 2012
Cult of Mac - Aviiq’s All-In-One USB Cable Will Charge Almost Anything
All connected permanently to a regular-sized USB plug on the other end. Yes, it’ll cost you $30, but then again, you’ll never, ever leave an essential cable at home again.
09 Aug 2012
Examiner - AViiQ Releases 3-in-1 USB Adapter
Fortunately the folks at AViiQ, who have a history of making useful peripherals, have developed the Quick Change - a 3-in-1 universal adapter that includes all three aforementioned connectors.
20 Jun 2012
PC Home - U.S. AViiQ "On The Go" takes the smart mobile life accessories
The near future intends to actively expand in Asia AViiQ achieved very good results since last year at COMPUTEX Show in Taiwan. Again this year, exhibitors, and exhibit a variety of iPad, notebook computers and mobile digital peripherals, and to take into account the periphery of simplicity, sense of design-based. Also take advantage of the timing of this exhibition, officially announced the development of the Chinese market Hongzhong Limited.
11 Jun 2012
Hardware.Info - Computex: XFX shows USB 3.0 keyboard dock
XFX has introduced a dock with a latest-generation DisplayLink chip. By means of a USB 3.0 connector, the laptop is connected directly to all peripherals attached to the docking station.
08 Jun 2012
Think Computer - AviiQ ReadyClips USB Cables Review
We first saw Aviiq’s ReadyClips USB cables at CES this year. This trio includes cables with a standard USB A male connector on one end and a micro USB connector (for phones, primarily), mini USB connector (for cameras and such), or an iPod connector.
08 Jun 2012
VR Zone - AViiQ display to support a variety of mobile devices to use travel charge package
Designed mobile device the AViiQ created like a small restaurant in the venue , it will not consciously see more of into the fourth floor of the stadium . The AViiQ in Taiwan is not a stranger to the brand, always able to come up with creative and fresh products to attract consumers' attention.
08 Jun 2012
PC online - Huge Sketchpad pride guise the XFX Taipei Computex Exhibition
XFX products on display in this exhibition have a very high quality graphics card and power supply two product lines is still the main direction of the XFX at this stage.
07 Jun 2012
PC Home - Computex2012: AVIIQ high class life accessories
They target the high-end market, its product design is very creative, simple style is a perfect fit now the fashion and the mainstream.
06 Jun 2012 - Extreme game experience! XFX Computex new show
For Ghost series graphics cards, XFX mainly pushes a new frequency, including the R7970 and R7950, led by high-end graphics, but also in low-end products for the mainstream consumer product line has variety.
29 May 2012
Sizlo core - XFX has announced a Radeon HD 7870 Double Dissipation
XFX company announced the release of the Radeon HD 7870 Double Dissipation. The model is endowed with the same cooling system, which is used in the products of the highest range . Among its strengths is to provide a direct contact heat pipes with the GPU, which makes heat transfer more efficient.
24 May 2012
Futuremark - XFX Radeon HD 7870 Black Edition Graphics Card Review
The 3D power of the Radeon HD 7870 and especially the dashing Black Edition Dual fan of XFX is so convincing. Even with the additional measurements of Testproband was partly from a very good figure.
18 May 2012
HARDOCP - XFX ProSeries 1000W Power Supply Review
The XFX ProSeries 1000W is another product in a string of excellent products from XFX. It seems that XFX really has done a good job of finding the right products to launch at the right times with the right OEMs designing and building its power supplies.
14 May 2012 - AVIIQ Ready Clips even the transmission line is also very cool
The AViiQ the launch of the Ready Clip can also be in addition to a stylish appearance and a delicate texture with a pen the same folder in the pocket of the bag is really nice and practical!
07 May 2012
Thoughtful Design - Aviiq Ready Clips Review
These cable looked really nice. Short, sturdy and several different connection options for you to pick from. One of my favorite features is there is a clip on the side of the cable which allows you to clip it into one of the pen size pouches that are in most backpacks and briefcases.
07 May 2012
Overclockers Club - XFX HD 7870 and 7850 Double Dissipation Review
Both cards gave extremely playable performance. The cards kept a nice low power consumption as well. I would recommend it to anyone looking to pick up a new video card.
27 Apr 2012
Aviiq Turns USB Cables Into Tangle-Proof Works Of Art
When traveling, I achieve tangle-free gadget nirvana with Griffin’s stubby little USB cables, a set of short, stiff connectors which are impossible to tie a knot in, let alone get twisted up with each other. But Aviiq’s new Ready Clips go one better. Not only are they stiff yet pliable, they also have a built-in clip for securing them into a pocket.
26 Apr 2012
Lifehacker - Aviiq Ready Clips Are Mini Cables That Clip onto Your Bag (or Almost Anywhere)
Mini cables are a necessity for every great go bag. Although there are a few varieties to choose from these days, Aviiq took the concept a step further and added clips so you can hang them off a pocket just like a pen.
20 Apr 2012
INTO ZGC - 28nm non-public version of the design! First-line HD7870 new is so strong
Editor Comments: The non-public version of the product has a more powerful overclocking potential role materials research. In addition, this product is also only the new cool soul dual-fan cooling system, still in the public version of the multi-output interface, so the graphics card more scalable.
20 Apr 2012
Digital Trends - Carrying USB cords around just got simpler (and more stylish)
For an easy way to take USB cards on the go, look to the AViiQ Ready Clips which can be carried around or clipped on your pocket like a pen.
17 Apr 2012
Hareware - AviiQ announces clean and stylish USB cable options that promise a tangle free life
This is where a new product from AViiQ can solve a lot of your issues. The newest product line to be launched is called the Ready Clip. Located at the charging end of the cable is a small clip to keep your cable easily at hand in your laptop bag, shirt or jacket pocket or anywhere else you and fit it.
11 Apr 2012
technabob - AViiQ Ready Clips: The Charging Cable is Mightier Than the Pen
AViiQ looked into the past and derived inspiration from an ancient device known as a “pen.” These pens usually had clips attached to their caps or bodies, so that they in turn may be easily attached to pockets, notebooks and ears.
05 Apr 2012
Fudzilla - XFX Black DD Radeon HD 7850 2GB reviewed
XFX has launched a special graphics card for the budget conscious gamers and it’s called XFX Black DD Radeon 7850. In order to compensate for higher temperatures, the card comes with powerful Double Dissipation cooler – a cooler with a special heatsink and two fans.
30 Mar 2012 - XFX Radeon 7850 Black Edition: Less Power, More Performance
A good news is coming from XFX to offer a mid-range solution for they who want closest performance to HD7970 with lower budget.
28 Mar 2012
KitGuru - XFX HD7850 Black Edition Review
The design allows us to keep the fan speeds lower while allowing the heat to dissipate evenly throughout the card.
XFX have opted for a generous 115mhz overclock on the core, raising the speed from 860mhz to 975mhz, this should have a dramatic impact on the overall performance.
06 Mar 2012
Fudzilla - XFX DD Radeon 7750 800M 1GB reviewed: With silent and powerful Double Dissipation cooler
Our today's guest is XFX's DD Radeon 7750 800M 1GB (FX-775A-ZDFC) graphics card that's special for its special dual fan design. As you'd suggest, the DD in the name stands for Double Dissipation cooler design. The DD Radeon 7750 800M 1GB runs at reference clocks , i.e. 800MHz for the GPU and 1125MHz for the memory (4500MHz GDDR5).
02 Mar 2012
Hardware Heaven - Installation, XFX Radeon HD 7750 Double Dissipation
First up is the latest card from XFX, the Radeon 7750 Double Dissipation which arrives in a sturdy cardboard box with plenty of documentation and a software CD inside. XFX use a custom black PCB for this card and attached to the front is a dual slot, dual fan cooler. XFX are keen to point out the use of solid capacitors, ferrite core chokes and 2oz copper PCB on these cards which maximises stability, reliability, lifespan and increases overclocking potential.
29 Feb 2012
Lazy Tech Guy - Accessory Review: Aviiq Portable Quick Stand
I’ve used it for around a week now and I can safely say, it’s quite handy to have around. The device,easily to fit in laptop bags, has rubber corners to grip with the table and comes in 5 colors.
28 Feb 2012
Nutesla - XFX details its HD 7700 series lineup
The XFX Radeon HD 7770 includes a total of five models that start with XFX HD 7770 Core Edition featuring AMD reference 1000MHz GPU and 4.5GHz memory clocks paired up with XFX's Ghost Technology cooler with a single center placed dust-free IP-5X fan, as well as solid state capacitors and XFX exclusive bracket. The next in line are two cards that are a part of XFX's Standard Edition, the XFX FX-777A-ZDB4 Black Edition Double Dissipation card with a dual-slot dual-fan cooler that is overclocked to 1095MHz for the GPU and 4.98GHz for 1GB of GDDR5 memory and the XFX FX-777A-ZNBC with Ghost Technology, which is pretty much identical as the Core Edition but with same 1095MHz GPU and 4.98GHz memory overclock.
26 Feb 2012
XFX HD7770 Black Edition S Crossfire & HD7750 DD Review
The XFX HD7750 DD is built around a matt black PCB, which is very attractive. The cooler is the new silver and black metal design with twin fans in the middle. These fans are smaller than the units on the more expensive, high end cards. The cooler really looks good from all angles, with the product name highlighted on the red strip from the rear side. The HD7750 DD is Crossfire capable, in a two way configuration. It doesn’t require a power connector, taking all the power it needs from the socket.
19 Feb 2012
Dungeon Dogz - XFX R7770 Black Edition 'S' Review
The good news was that it used less power, enter the XFX Black Edition. With an improved over stock clockspeed of 1120MHz on the core (120MHz faster than reference HD7770) and a huge boost on the memory clockspeed to 1300MHz (5200MHz effective), the Black Edition 'S' (Super Overclock) arrives pre-overclocked which should give the card a fair boost in performance.
19 Feb 2012
Gadgetsteria - Review: AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand
It does come in 5 different colors, which is a nice touch. Such a thin, slick and simple design, makes this a great addition to your Cupertino portable.
Pick one up now! AViiQ
15 Feb 2012
Video - XFX Launches Multiple Radeon HD 7700 Cards
XFX has released 9 models of HD 7700 series graphics cards. Various cards are based on two models, with two fans (Double Dissipation) and a single one (Ghost Thermal).
All of this combined with XFX’s award-winning Double Dissipation dual-fan design makes it one of the coolest and quietest cards on the market while simultaneously increasing overall graphics card performance and lifespan.
14 Feb 2012
Geek News Central - AViiQ For Gadgets On The Go
AViiQ is a product innovation company that specializes is in cool travel gadgets. Andy and Courtney see the latest toys with Alan Yeung of AViiQ.
The Portable Charging Station, a folio USB charging kit that comes with an AC adapter that powers a four port charging hub. Not only does it reduce the number of power adapters needed but by keeping all the cables together, it reduces the chance that one will be left behind.
14 Feb 2012
Tech Power Up - XFX Launches its Radeon HD 7700 Series
XFX launched a plethora of Radeon HD 7700 series graphics cards, 9 models to be precise. These are essentially based on two designs by the company, a single-fan Ghost Thermal Technology board, and a dual-fan Double Dissipation board, spread across both the HD 7770 and HD 7750 SKUs, and in a variety of factory-overclock bins such as Core Edition (AMD reference speeds), Black Edition (1095 MHz core for the HD 7770, TBD for HD 7750), and SuperOverclock Edition (1120 MHz core for the HD 7770, TBD for the HD 7750).
10 Feb 2012
Guys Gab - Review: AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2
The AViiQ Smart Case came highly recommended to me, and for good reason. It does a great job of protecting your iPad 2, without adding much size (1.5mm) or weight (4.1 ounces). The case is made of rugged plastic encased in a solid aluminum plate anodized to match.
31 Jan 2012
Softpedia - XFX Radeon HD 7950 Comes Factory Overclocked to 900MHz
Hot on the heels of AMD’s launch of the Radeon HD 7950, XFX announced a new Black Edition graphics card based on this design, that uses a custom cooling solution in order to overclock the GPU to 900MHz.
18 Jan 2012
MaximumPC - XFX Radeon HD 7970 Black Edition Review
It’s not unusual to see factory-overclocked videocards ship with custom cooling solutions—a few months after the GPU launches. This time, XFX hits the ground running with their Radeon HD 7970 Black Edition. This is a factory-overclocked card with a custom cooling solution that aims to take the performance crown. Based on what we’ve seen to date, XFX has delivered the fastest single-GPU card on the planet.
12 Jan 2012
OCQQ Media - XFX R7970 displayed the strongest cards held press conferences to show the long-awaited R7970
XFX with the agents in this Synnex conference held in, we can understand R7970's design focus.

R7970 dual fan cooling, effectively cooling the graphics core. Ghost with its unique technology, but also making the entire PCB circuit board and the power supply cool and keep cool. Effectively enhance the life of entire display card, can be said that thoughtful design .
11 Jan 2012
HKPEC - Ghost Thermal, HydroCell skill, XFX HD 7970 Dual Fan Version
XFX new conference held on 9 January, the scene showing the new XFX Radeon HD 7970 graphics card, which includes the use of Double Dissipation design with Ghost Thermal Technology Dual Fan Black Edition overclocked version, to provide users with the most powerful graphics performance.
09 Jan 2012
Max Borges Agency - AViiQ Redefines Portability with 2012 Line Up of Travel Solutions for Mobile Devices
AViiQ, the award-winning mobile electronics accessory and design company specializing in solutions for the on-the-go user, takes portability into another realm with their 2012 Line-up of travel solutions, including the first ever folding surge protector, cable replacement clips, slim folding travel converters, and more.