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As an industry leader we demonstrate, on a daily basis, our innovation, flexibility, and technological expertise in the solutions we provide. With capabilities ranging from reverse logistics, depot repair and asset recovery to advance exchange and warranty support services, our supply chain services team assesses and analyzes your individual needs, then creates a customized, real-world solution that meets your specific requirements.
Inbound logistics Services
Today's lean supply chains demand reliable, efficient delivery of components to the manufacturing line.
Handling and Testing Services
Our handling and testing process enables quick, effective routings for inbound receipts. Returned products are tested, repaired, and re-packaged for redistribution in the market.
Warehousing and Distribution Services
A complete distribution solution that integrates warehousing and transportation management. Samtack’s internal liquidation team uses criteria and market conditions to route inventory to various channels such as E-bay, vendor to vendor exchanges, bulk/liquidation, and category salvage. With strong business relationships with numerous companies worldwide, Samtack provides clients with solutions for scrapped materials.
Value Added Services
Kitting, sub-assembly, labeling, POP display assembly, price ticketing, repackaging, and other custom services.
Through its extensive network, Samtack moves a wide range of PC peripherals, consumer electronics, dry food and mobile accessories to retailers and mass merchants.
Samtack goal is to help clients achieve lower costs, higher productivity, and more effective operations. Samtack team members are dedicated to each client’s specific business requirements and committed to providing timely service.
Other products
To provide economical and user-friendly tools to consumers to access complex and sophisticated technology, and our products and services are designed also to help individuals and organizations increase productivity, meet objectives and surpass goals. In the fast-paced IT industry, Comstar, iProDrive, RetailPlus, Ultra-Speed and Z-Data have thrived to satisfy the demanding market with affordable, high quality computer peripherals.
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